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  • Cashew Butter

    If you have a vitamix (or any super high powered blender) listen up! Go get some cashews. I personally prefer the Trader Joe’s 160z bag of raw cashews. Open the bag then dump all the cashews in the blender. Blend on high until cashews become smooth. I have to stop the blender once or twice

  • Be strong, flexible and fluid!

    I love getting texts like this. It makes my heart so full, it makes me so happy! (So, keep ’em coming!) This is what makes me excited about Pilates. Yes, I love Pilates. Yes, I love the method. But, for me, Pilates is so much more than just what happens inside the studio. It’s about

  • Mat Class at Athleta was a huge success!

      We had so much fun teaching the classical Pilates mat to the participants at Athleta this past Sunday! I think it is so wonderful that Athleta helps connect studios to the community and the community to all the different studios in Raleigh. It is a such a treat to be able to give complimentary