• April Fools’ Day

    April 1st, known as April Fools’ Day, unfortunately is not a national holiday in any country. However, it is widely acknowledged in the many countries including the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Brazil. It happens to be one of my favorite “holidays” right on up there with Texas Independence Day, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, and birthdays.

    On April 1st, I have to remind myself constantly that it is, in fact, April 1st. I am a pretty gullible person and will believe most things at first. Even though I am tricked pretty easily, I do love pranking, too. I guess you could say that I dish it out but I can also take it.

    Some of my most favorite pranks are as follows:

    1. Wrapping the cell phone of your “victim” in several rubber bands then calling them. Watch them total freak out when they can’t answer the phone call or see who is calling.

    2. Coating a plain donut in baking soda so it looks like a scrumptious powdered-sugar donut. I would recommend using just the regular store bought donut for this one- no need to waste a perfectly good Krispy Kreme on this prank.

    3. Rubber band the kitchen sink sprayer and point the nozzle directly forward. When the person you are pranking goes to turn on the kitchen sink, they’ll get a cold shot directly to the chest. I would recommend only doing this if the person you are pranking eats their breakfast in their PJs. You don’t want to get their work clothes all messed up.

    4. With a safety pin or a needle, put small holes around the top of a red solo cup. Offer your “victim” a drink then watch them be confused as the drink dribbles out of the tiny holes.


    With April 1st only a few days away, I hope you think carefully about the pranks you want to pull off! Remember, to always prank responsibly and have fun!