• Behind the Name

    Vive Pilates + Motion. The name of my beloved business. I get asked often “why Vive?” – well let me explain…

    Pilates has been a lifelong love of mine. I first started with Mari Windsor’s DVDs on the carpeted floor. I loved the way it made my body feel, strong, long, lengthened. I loved the workout. I loved that I could work out while lying down! How awesome is that.

    As my Pilates journey continued with the apparatus, Pilates became more than just a workout, it became a refuge, a place to find my sanity, a place to explore, a place to destress. I felt like it literally gave me life. It enabled me to do all the things I love (besides Pilates) with more grace, more strength and more power. It made my long hikes easier, it made paddleboarding more fun, it made tying my shoes standing up possible.

    So, when it was time for me to open the doors to my very own studio I himmed and hawed (that’s southern speak for going back and forth for those of you up north) about what to name it. Then when talking with my mom, it came to me. Vive Pilates.

    Vive’s word origin is French and can be traced back to the 1500s. Translated literally it means “long live”. That is the perfect way to describe Pilates and how I feel about it. Pilates will be around forever, it is not a fad. Through Pilates I have found a richness in life and know I will continue to. It has enabled me to be able to enjoy the adventures in life and the quiet moments, too. It’s created a lifelong healthy lifestyle that will keep my body limber, flexible and strong for years to come. So, LONG LIVE PILATES!