• Bone Density Scan and Pilates

    My job is so rewarding. I love my job, I love my studio, I love my clients. I am so proud of what I have created. Even more proud of my clients who allow me to be part of their journey…I’m not the one who does the hard work…I’m just merely the raft guide that helps them along their personal river. I know that was super yoga teacher-y and hippydippy…but it’s true.

    Today, I worked with a client who has early onset osteoporosis. About two and a half years ago she started doing Pilates and has gotten so flexible and so strong. On one of her bone density reports after several months of Pilates her bone density DOUBLED. You read that right, doubled.

    When I think of her success story and all the success stories with Pilates, it kinda makes me tear up…like big honkin’ alligator tears. I couldn’t be more ecstatic, more excited, more thrilled for her and every single person who finds success with Pilates!  I know it wasn’t all Pilates that helped her achieve such incredible results…but I’m glad it was part of the solution.

    So inspired today and everyday…so appreciative to have the coolest job in the world.