• Is Pilates for You?

    Here’s a quick quiz to see if Pilates is for you…

    1. Did you wake up this morning?
    2. Are you breathing?
    If you answered yes to both of these questions…GREAT NEWS…PILATES IS FOR YOU!
    There are over 500 exercises in the classical Pilates repertoire. There is something for everyone in Pilates! The Pilates method uses apparatus to help strengthen, lengthen and balance your body. It can help reduce tension and fatigue. It increases flexibility, stamina, coordination and muscle strength. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete, recovering from an injury, looking for a new challenge or have a limiting illness…you can do Pilates!
    Want to give it a try? Vive Pilates offers complimentary 30 minute introductions to the apparatus so you can come see what it’s all about with no strings attached! Don’t live in the Raleigh area? No worries! Drop me a line at lori@vivepilatesraleigh.com and I would love to help you find a studio in your area that will work for you!!!