• Pilates Myths Debunked

    Whenever I meet someone new, the inescapable question always comes up…”So, what do you do?” As soon as I tell them I am a pilates instructor the response is always along the lines of… “wow, how cool! that must be so awesome to wear stretchy pants all day…but…what is Pilates?”

    Over the course of my career I have heard that Pilates is the same as yoga, a type of medieval torture, a specific style of dance, a stretch class and an off-shoot of Buddhism just to name a few.
    I’m here to tell you that Pilates is NONE of those things.
    Pilates is an entire method of precisely strung together exercises created by Joseph Pilates. He originally called his work Contrology but through the years it has shifted to be known as simply his last name.
    Whether done on the reformer, the mat, Cadillac, wunda chair, pedi-pole, spine corrector, ladder barrel, high chair, baby chair or guillotine tower- the end goal is the same. Pilates is designed to create a long, lengthened, decompressed spine, to strengthen the abdomen and core, and to maintain the mind to body connection of awareness.
    In Pilates, every exercise is precisely executed from the core first, then to the outer extremities. If the core isn’t properly engaged, the exercise isn’t performed correctly and therefore you are not getting the results the exercise was designed to provide.
    Still not quite sure what this Pilates thing is all about? Please, come give it a try!