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  • Fancy Water

      Late night food prep. Technically water prep. But, whatever. I love to diffuse my snore-fest tap water with oranges, lemons and star fruit. Why? Because why not. Plus, star fruit makes me feel fancy. So what do you do? Well it’s easy…cut up as much fruit as you’d like. Then put in bottom of a

  • Don’t Be Too Serious

    This is me screaming/laughing from the pain that is a tight hamstring during some front splits. Don’t take your pilates game too seriously. Every day brings something new. While you’re at it, don’t take anything too seriously. Unless you are a surgeon, then please, please take that seriously.   There is a time and place

  • Cashew Butter

    If you have a vitamix (or any super high powered blender) listen up! Go get some cashews. I personally prefer the Trader Joe’s 160z bag of raw cashews. Open the bag then dump all the cashews in the blender. Blend on high until cashews become smooth. I have to stop the blender once or twice