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  • Swan on the Ladder Barrel

    I get so many questions on this exercise- both from clients and from people on instagram. This exercise is so difficult to execute but looks so effortless. Let’s break it down… Set up: Feet are in Pilates stance, heels together on the second bar, balls of the feet are on the first. Pelvis is pressed

  • The Spine Corrector

    The Spine Corrector sounds like a pretty scary medieval torture mechanism. Depending on who you ask, it still could be described as that! I think it is a pretty amazing apparatus that Joseph Pilates created to help us lengthen the spine, work the abdominals and dive deeper into the “two way” stretch that Pilates creates.

  • Swan from Instagram

    Swan on the reformer during the gold card reformer workout. I video my workouts so I can go back and make corrections- so this is just a snapshot of what I’ve been working on. So many reasons to love the swan; two being the extension and the flexibility. #vivepilates #pilatesstudio #pilates #gratz #gratzpilates #swan #raleighnc