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  • Don’t Be Too Serious

    This is me screaming/laughing from the pain that is a tight hamstring during some front splits. Don’t take your pilates game too seriously. Every day brings something new. While you’re at it, don’t take anything too seriously. Unless you are a surgeon, then please, please take that seriously.   There is a time and place

  • Vive Pilates at Athleta

    Exciting news! This weekend, on Sunday April 19th Vive Pilates will be teaching a classical Pilates mat class at Athleta in Crabtree Valley Mall! The doors open at 10:45am and class begins at 11am. OH, AND I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION…THE CLASS IS COMPLETELY FREE!  All you have to do is bring your own mat!

  • Pilates Breathing

    While teaching a class, “what is the breathing again?”, is by far the most asked questions from my Pilates students. I generally cue the breathing while instructing, because the movement without the breath is nowhere near as effective as when they are combined. Generally speaking in Pilates, the exhale comes on the effort…or when the