• The Spine Corrector

    The Spine Corrector sounds like a pretty scary medieval torture mechanism. Depending on who you ask, it still could be described as that! I think it is a pretty amazing apparatus that Joseph Pilates created to help us lengthen the spine, work the abdominals and dive deeper into the “two way” stretch that Pilates creates.

    Like all of the apparatus in the Classical Pilates system, there are so many different exercises, variations that it is nearly impossible to get bored with the Spine Corrector. I love the way it challenges my abdominals but at the same time stretches the back in a way that is hard to replicate anywhere else.

    The way the barrel is shaped helps to cradle the low back and creates a safe place for someone to feel the abdominals in a very deep way. If you haven’t tried it yet, get yourself to the studio and get to it!


    spine corrector