• The Wunda Chair


    This little apparatus, the Wunda Chair is quite the beauty (or the beast depending on which exercise you are doing on it). I love how it looks like a piece of art, is functional and can pack in a killer workout.

    The Wunda Chair was created by Joseph H. Pilates as part of his Pilates Method. As the story goes, he created the Wunda Chair (Wunda translated means Wonderful) to bring his Method to into every home. You see, if you flip the chair over, you have a nice sitting chair that you can relax in. If it’s flipped up right (as shown in the picture above), it can become a piece of workout equipment. Therefore, it’s the perfect “at home” apparatus since it is so versatile.

    Mr. Pilates used the chair frequently and you can even see him and some of his students using the apparatus in some of the archival videos. Nowadays, the chair is in most fully equipped studios and utilized in both private apparatus classes as well as group classes.

    The Wunda Chair creates a stable base to challenge the core, the balance, create length and stretch in the body. If you haven’t given one of these a spin, what are you waiting for?