• Workout Videos vs. Class

    I’ve been there before. It think it is safe to say we have all been there before. You know the place I’m talking about, right? Long day, exhausted, too hungry to make dinner but not hungry enough to go out to eat- so you want to order a pizza. But, you don’t. Because you are eating healthy… Your Pilates (or fill in the blank with whatever type of fitness you prefer here) class starts in 45 minutes. It’s just enough time where you are already home and getting comfy and it would just be so easy to skip and do a workout video at home.

    Now, before you get all up in arms about me slamming workout videos at home, go with me for a few more seconds…

    Here are five reasons why you should get up and go to your class and skip the workout video:

    1. You’ve been sitting at a desk all day. Get off the couch. Get in your car. Get to class. As our workplace goes more and more online the less human interactions people are getting. That is important! Get to your fitness community.

    2. Chances are you will work harder in a class than if you were at home doing a workout by yourself. Having you instructor there giving tactile corrections and upbeat queuing is sure to help you work harder and beat the tired end of day blues.

    3.Being around other people will energize you. Especially, if it is a smaller class where you know the people. That’s part of the class experience- having your fitness friends for the camaraderie and for the competition.

    4. No one has ever regretted going to “that class”. You will feel so accomplished for doing something great for your body and having the will power to say no to that pizza delivery and yes to working out your body!

    5. You go to your class 1-2 times a week. The other 5-6 days you can do your work out videos!! Don’t skip class just because you have something that would suffice at home. Go to your class, get your workout in and then do your videos on other days!